Mission Statement

Our mission is to conduct our business with the utmost integrity and to treat our customers and fellow employees with respect and fairness. We will build on our excellent safety record, and aim to continue conducting our services without incident, to ensure continued safety for our customers and our employees.

We have provided heat treating services since 1979.  Our reputation for achieving superior customer satisfaction has helped us sustain long-term relationships with the major industrial companies of the United States.  These successful relationships of the past three and a half decades have provided us with the experience and know-how to guide us in the future.

We believe that our prosperity and growth has been realized through a team commitment to excellence in service and safety. Our skilled technical staff and capable administration have given us the competitive edge to grow as leaders in our field. Through ongoing training in work practices, work ethics, and safety issues, our industry achievements and excellent safety record continue to build.

By working together as a dynamic team, we will strive to improve our strengths and conquer our weaknesses. With this as our goal, we will continue to meet the changing needs of all those with whom we do business.

David Herzog

Since 1979

Analytic Stress made a commitment to quality, safety and the customer when the company started in the Fall of 1979. That commitment is as strong today as it was when the company started.