bouton quality control approvedQuality Control

Analytic Stress maintains and effectively manages both Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Quality Assurance Programs to assure Corporate management and external parties that the level of our work meets or exceeds the quality requirements of the applicable code and client specifications.  

The Director of Quality reports directly to the company President, and has the organizational freedom to identify, initiate, and to enforce the requirements of the ASRI Quality Assurance System and Documentation.

Our Quality Assurance Program is designed to comply with industry standards for heat-treatment documentation and calibration control to assure that materials, equipment, and procedures used satisfy client and code requirements. In addition to the required standard documentation, Analytic Stress also offers our clients an additional benefit in the form of technical procedures. Our clients have found that this information combined with client/contractor communication add to the safety, quality and production of the project.

Since 1979

Analytic Stress made a commitment to quality, safety and the customer when the company started in the Fall of 1979. That commitment is as strong today as it was when the company started.