At Analytic Stress Relieving, Inc. we believe zero incidents and zero accidents are obtainable.

As such, we are committed to assuring safety and health at all company operations.  We consider the proactive management of safety and health risks to be a key element of our personal and company integrity, ethical behavior, corporate social responsibility, and long-term business success.  Our assurance of a safe and healthy workplace is a common goal shared by the company, our managers and our employees, and it is simply the right thing to do.  We will always strive to operate in a manner that consciously safeguards our employees, our clients, and the communities in which we do business.

Our employees know safety is not just a program, safety is a way of life.


Since 1979

Analytic Stress made a commitment to quality, safety and the customer when the company started in the Fall of 1979. That commitment is as strong today as it was when the company started.