Safety Policy Overview

Analytic Stress Relieving, Inc. employees are provided with a safe work environment and training to recognize hazards that could affect their health and safety. Analytic Stress has established an effective health and safety policy. Our safety program includes:

  • All Accidents and incidents are preventable
  • Effective and Up-to-Date Safety and Health Policies and Practices
  • Strong Pro-Active Management support
  • Safety and Health of our employees is priority
  • World Class Training Programs for supervisors and employees consist of hands-on and classroom
  • Employee commitment and ownership in the safety program
  • Organized Safety Committee to ensure work activities are in compliance
  • Top Class JSA program that supports alertness, awareness and in depth job hazard recognition.

Please contact the nearest office for a copy of our complete safety policy.

Since 1979

Analytic Stress made a commitment to quality, safety and the customer when the company started in the Fall of 1979. That commitment is as strong today as it was when the company started.