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Analytic Stress stands ready to assist you in developing the most efficient and cost-effective plan for your specific heat treatment project. Analytic Stress' proven record is credited to front end planning and being considered part of the team as the industry expert on heat treatment. Every level of management at Analytic Stress is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Analytic Stress prides themselves on management at all levels showing presence at the job site.


Each week, our safety department compiles a report that uses key performance indicators (KPIs) to process critical safety data, provide safety scores for each district, and identify the top three jobsite hazards. This weekly report which employees discuss at daily Safety Toolbox Meetings also provides a detailed root cause analysis and outlines required corrective actions for any safety incident. This consistent and regular review of safety ensures that Analytic Stress maintains the safest work environment possible.

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A major contributor to the success of our safety awareness initiative is the Analytic Stress Environmental, Health & Safety Manual the heartbeat of our company. Based on our specific industry and craft, this document contains 43 sections covering everything from corporate policies to hands-on field procedures. Our SAFETY PROGRAM MANUAL goes above and beyond customer expectations and gives our employees the knowledge they need to stay safe and healthy on the job.


The safety awareness culture we have cultivated at Analytic Stress is driven by a comprehensive audit program that includes management assessments, supervision oversight reviews, and peer-to-peer assessments. Analytic Stress has a dedicated team of auditors who travel to various site locations promoting the cultural vision of the company, while field staff are trained to identify hazards and take steps to mitigate risks on the jobsite. These review audits are designed to provide those responsible for projects with a sense of ownership and responsibility, as well as the tools and knowledge they need to keep their jobsite safe.

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At Analytic Stress, we believe fast and accurate incident reporting is critical to address any safety concerns that might arise on the job. For that reason, we utilize online incident reports that are sent in real-time directly to the company President and upper management. This ensures that everyone in the company from the President to our field staff is aware of any issues and can continue to promote our culture of safety above all else.


Safety is our top priority but don't just take our word for it.
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Analytic Stress has developed several craft-specific safety programs to raise the bar in industry safety standards.

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Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

This program trains all Analytic Stress
employees to identify hazards
specific to our industry and provides
a detailed hazard mitigation plan
for all job tasks.

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Employee Badge Classification & Certification

Every Analytic Stress employee is issued
an identification badge that contains critical
information such as craft classification
certification, driver qualifications, and training
endorsements. This allows onsite managers
to quickly identify employee qualifications
so they can efficiently assign tasks on the job
and ensure the safest jobsite possible.

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Equipment Isolation (LOTO)

Analytic Stress has developed the
industry's first lockout and tag-out
system to prevent electrical shock
when repairing, connecting,
and disconnecting our heat
treatment equipment.


Executive Director Of Safety And Risk Management

Based in La Porte, Texas, John Lindsay serves as ASRI’s Executive Director of Safety and Risk Management. A Certified Site Safety Technician and Safety Supervisor as well as a HAZWOPER instructor, John has nearly 15 years of experience leading safety programs in the industry. In his six years with ASRI, John has helped develop new safety initiatives that have dramatically improved the organization’s safety statistics. Before becoming a safety technician, John worked for 14 years in law enforcement in various roles, including arson investigator and narcotics officer. John’s safety belief starts with all accidents are preventable and ends with always be your brother’s keeper.